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Effient Acne Treatments

Acne is a general term but the truth is it can appear under many forms, some of them mild and some of them severe; it is really important that you determine the right type of acne you suffer before starting any treatment in order to remove it as soon as possible and avoid acne scars.

        Acne scarring appears after a period when pimples have been systematically squeezed or torn. Acne scars get to be very profound sometimes and the truth is that if they don’t disappear after 10-12 months, most probably they never will.

This is an aspect that you should keep in mind when you are tempted to burst a pimple if it looks to ugly; it is not easy dealing with this problem but it takes a lot of patience going through it and escaping without any sign.

       The most common acne lesions are comedones, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts; they usually appear on the face, chest, back, or neck. Treatments are available in many forms, depending of the gravity of the acne form; you can escape from acne with home made solutions or you will be forced to treat your acne with laser. There are solutions for everyone and the most important thing is not to give up; acne has existed for centuries and it is not a tragedy if you suffer from it: there are efficient treatments, now more than ever before, because of the modern science.

       Over the time, doctors were confronted with patients that have worsen their acne because of  misleading information; there were many adolescences that couldn’t wait to pop a pimple in order to make it disappear quicker; as we said above, this will not only provoke other pimples to pop-up but also will leave scars. There are many teenagers that don’t quite follow the doctor’s advice; if the dermatologist says it is important to keep the skin clean and in order to do that you have to gently wash your face twice a day, they understand that as powerful as they scrub their faces or as often as they do it, they will get rid of acne much faster; unfortunately that isn’t true because everyone knows that abusing of a method, no matter how effective it is if used properly, it will have serious side-effects.

       Another myth that circulates among teenagers affected by acne is that sun exposure dries out the pimples and they go away; although it may seem right it is actually very wrong. Many adolescences try to expose their skin as much as possible to the sun in order to “naturally burn their pimples”, not knowing that not only the acne will come back even more powerful that before after a long sun exposure, but the sun rays will cause premature aging and skin cancer in cases of abuse.

       So, don’t be afraid to try an acne treatment but do it moderately; follow the exact advice of your doctor or the exact instructions written on the label because even if it doesn’t seem that way, the most powerful weapon against acne is patience.